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Albert Schmid Memorial Symposium

This symposium is dedicated to the memory of Albert Schmid, who passed away unexpectedly, January 31, 1998, at the age of 68. Albert Schmid has left his mark in condensed matter theory. Starting with the early work on fluctuation effects near a superconducting transition, followed by his contributions to transport in nonequilibrium superconductors, his seminal work on disordered interacting electron systems and the influential work on dissipative quantum mechanics he has given many important impulses for the development of the field.
Albert Schmid has also been instrumental in shaping the Institute of Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Karlsruhe.
The scientific program of the symposium will reflect recent developments in topics of current interest related to Albert Schmid's work.

12. November 1999

Lehmann Lecture Hall

from 10:00 Coffee in front of the Lecture Hall
10:30-10:45 Welcome Address
  P. Wölfle, G. Schön
10:45-11:30 Prof. J. Clarke, UC Berkeley
  The Effects of Dissipation on Quantum Fluctuations in Small Junctions
11:30-12:15 Prof. Yu. Ovchinnikov, Landau Institute
  Strong Coupling in the Kondo Problem in the Low Temperature Region  
lunch break  
14:00-14:45 Prof. Y. Imry, Weizmann Institute
  Low-Temperature Dephasing in Disordered Conductors:
The Effect of 1/f Fluctuations
14:45-15:30 Prof. H. Smith, University of Copenhagen
  Bose-Einstein Condensation
16:00-16:45 Prof. U. Eckern, Univ. Augsburg
  Quantum Coherence in Mesoscopic Rings
17:15-18:15 Prof. M. Tinkham, Harvard University
  Metallic Quantum Dots
(general physics colloquium)
19:00 ``Nachsitzung'' in the Gastdozentenhaus


If you also wish to join for lunch in the Gastdozentenhaus, or dinner after the `Nachsitzung', or if you need assistance with hotel reservations, please get this registration form and send it to:

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