Dr Sam T. Carr

Institut fur Theorie der Kondensierten Materie
Universitat Karlsruhe

Room: 10-08
Tel: ++49 721 608-7006
Email: carr@tkm.uni-karlsruhe.de


Specialized lecture courses recently offered in Karlsruhe:

Lecture notes for both these courses will be available here sometime.

Older lecture courses:

Here are some of my lecture notes from courses I've given previously, as well as pdf's of some of my more pedagogic presentations that were aimed at students.


Lecture notes on Feynman diagrams in condensed matter physics.

These are lecture notes from the course Quantum Field Theory II that I gave as part of the Midland Physics Alliance Graduate School (MPAGS). The course covers the perturbation theory of interacting electron systems. Though the course was 15 lectures in total, only the first 10 are currently written up. The rest will be added to the manuscript when I find the time.

pdf (127 pages)

Presentation on theory of one-dimensional systems and strongly correlated phases in carbon nanotubes.

These are the slides from a presentation given at the CFN Summer School on Nano-Electronics in Bad Herrenalb, Germany, September 2009.

pdf (49 pages)


Presentation on dimensional crossover and ordered phases of dipolar fermions in an optical lattice

These are the slides from a presentation given at Physics by the Lake in September 2008.

pdf (43 pages)