Exercises of the lecture on physics:

Exercises of the extra tutorial on physics:

Exercises of the lecture in mathematics:

Additional Information:

  • The meaning of the used variables can be found here
  • The summary on the rigid body can be found here
  • Exams and course material of the MIT can be found here
  • You might want to test your knowledge at the online quizzing concerning the book by P. A. Tipler and G. P. Mosca
  • The lecture notes of the physics course can be found here while the script concerning the course in mathematics can be found here
  • Literature on Mathematics:
    • J. Stewart:
      Calculus, Early Transcendentals (Brooks/Cole)
    • K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence:
      Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide (CUP)
    • M. L. Boas:
      Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (Wiley)
    • I. N. Bronstein, K. A. Semendyayev, G. Musiol, H. Muehlig:
      Handbook of Mathematics (Springer)
      (German: Taschenbuch der Mathematik)
    • G. Merzinger, T. Wirth:
      Repetitorium der höheren Mathematik (Binomi)
  • Literature on Physics:
    • P. A. Tipler, G. P. Mosca:
      Physics for scientists and engineers (W. H. Freeman)
      (German: P. A. Tipler - Physik (Spektrum))
    • M. W. McCall:
      Classical Mechanics (Wiley)
    • A. P. French, M. G. Ebison:
      Introduction to Classical Mechanics (Chapman and Hall)
    • I. S. Grant, W. R. Phillips:
      Electromagnetism (Wiley)
    • W. J. Duffin:
      Electricity and Magnetism (McGraw Hill)
    • D. Meschede:
      Gerthsen Physik (Springer)


  • The lecture at the 6th and the Extra tutorial at the 7th September will switch their place. That means the lecture will take place on Tuesday while the Extra Tutorial will be given on Monday - both at 10:15 in SR 203.
  • The lecture will be given on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays SR 203. In the first week it starts at 15:45/10:15/15:45 while in the second week it covers the whole morning starting from 8:30. Thereafter it will take place from 10:15 to 11:45.
  • Extra tutorials are taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:15 in SR 203 after the second week.
  • There will be additional tutorials for selected students on Monday and Wednesday at 17:30 in SR 203 starting in September.
  • The final exam in physics is scheduled on the 6th October 2010 from 9am to 12am in Hector lecture hall.
    For it only a non-programable calculator as well as a dictionary book is admissible as auxiliary means. Other non-programable calculators than Casio FX-82SX, Casio FX-82 Solar, TI-30Xa (Solar) or TI-36X Solar have to be handed in with your name on them on Tuesday the 5th October after the exam in Mathematics with a wiped memory.
    If 75% of the points in the unheralded spotquizes are obtained a bonus on the final mark will be granted of 1/3.

Questions can be asked by mail or visit me in the physics skyscraper in room 10.14.